Certified Spanish

Spanish language testing and certification for health professionals

Promoting the responsible use of Spanish in the professions

Terminology Test

The Phase 1 Medical Spanish Terminology test is completely FREE and randomized so that you can take it as many times as you wish!

Become a premium member for access to customized study features to help you learn the medical Spanish terminology you need to work with patients!

Proficiency Standards

"Fluency" matters, but technically it refers to the fluidity of speech. Our certification test measures your medical Spanish language "proficiency".

The responsible use of medical Spanish must adhere to the highest standards for applied language and cultural competency in professional practice. Read more about our standards here!

Study App

The study features of this testing app are a part of the premium access plan. You can focus on the categories of medical Spanish that you need to improve most with a variety of learning activities.

Based on your test history, we help you focus on the medical Spanish terminology you need to improve most - and drill it until you know it well! This is a premium monthly subscription service.

The Test

Test your Medical Spanish Terminology and Fluency!

– Over 2,500 medical terms
– Random test generation gives you an infinite number of tests to take
– Ensure you’re using the best terms with your patients

Our free test helps you know your strengths and weaknesses with medical Spanish so that you can easily refine your skills!

*Note The full certification test is not currently available. For now you can test your medical Spanish vocabulary and study vocabulary.

Certified Spanish has launched its first phase of our Bilingual Spanish English Certification test for healthcare workers and students.

While we’re still completing the medical Spanish certification test, you can assess your own knowledge of medical Spanish terminology with our unlimited free tests! Become a premium subscriber to learn the specific medical Spanish terms that you most need for working with your patients.

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Who We Are

About CertifiedSpanish.com

Certified Spanish is a project developed by Common Ground International.

We’re a team of language instructors, translators & interpreters focused on helping everyday professionals use Spanish in a responsible and ethical way in their professions.

Our goal with this project is to provide an easy, reliable & personalized process for individuals and organizations to “certify” their use of Spanish for their unique professional settings and roles.


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