Frequently Asked Questions

Who is is a project created by Common Ground International. This certification process is the natural progression of more than a decade of teaching medical professionals how to use responsible Spanish with their patients AND the lack of accessible certification options for healthcare professionals who DON’T want to be interpreters.

What tests are available?

Currently, only the Medical Spanish Certification test is available.

How do I get started?

Getting started is EASY and FREE – Register here!

How much does it cost?

The costs to take this test and get certified is broken down in phases as follows:

  • Phase 1: This phase focuses on Medical Spanish vocabulary range and depth testing. This phase is completely free.
  • Phase 1 Study Subscription: If you’re working on building your medical Spanish vocabulary, you can subscribe to our study app for $9.99/mo
  • Phase 2: This phase focuses on your listening comprehension and your fluidity of speech. The test is free, but it is hand-scored by one of our testers. In order to receive your results, we require a $50 review & scoring fee. We will tell you whether or not you should continue to Phase 3 at your current level. If we recommend you not continue, we will give you specific focus areas for you to work on before re-taking Phase 2.
  • Phase 3: This is the final certification test. It assesses your comprehension, speech, and your cultural savvy. This phase costs $150 and includes your 2-year certification.

How often do I have to re-certify?

Your certification lasts for 2 years. Recertification is only $75.

When can I take a test to get certified?

Since this platform is 100% online and self-contained, you can take your tests whenever you like!

When do I get my certified Spanish Certificate?

After passing Phase 3, your certificate will take about 2 weeks to arrive in the mail.

Where do I login to get started?

Getting started is easy and free. Login Here!

Why can’t I see my history of test results?

You should be able to see your most recent test result on the free side of Phase 1. If you would like to see your progress over time, you’ll need to register for the Study Subscription to track your test scores over time and see your historical progress within each category of terms.

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